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Soft Side Pet Carrier by Zampa

Soft Side Pet Carrier by Zampa

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While dog carrying backpacks or cat sacks might make sense for on-foot camping/hiking, airline-approved carriers need to be designed with precautions about animal safety, ease of carrying and complying with air travel authority regulations. Ideal for carrying cats and dogs, this zippered pet mover has an airline-approved size.
Travel without worrying about airport/air travel regulations concerning carrying animals – no more checkpoint worries!
THIS IS ABOUT CARING: Soft animal carriers are a humane choice for animals. This pet traveling bag borrows the best features from various pet transporting equipment/models.
The result is a smartly padded adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easy to sling the pet carrier. Mesh windows allow your pet to stick-out its head. You can easily stroke with a finger or two via the two openings. This helps your furry friend to relax– don’t consign your pets to the isolation of cargo hold or crates!
STYLISH PET TRAVELING ACCESSORY: Thick, quilted nylon pet carrier has been designed with an emphasis on durability & ventilation. A durable pet bag has an interior leash clip to keep your pet safely housed. The soft-side bag is meant to last really long despite repeated usage without much maintenance. This dog-cat carrier is big enough for small animals to move around, ensuring they don’t feel anxious – perhaps a perfect gift for someone who really loves his friend with paws!
LOADED WITH SMART FEATURES: Soft-sided bags help to create home-like coziness that most travel carriers for animals struggle to create. The compact size means ease of fitting under airplane seats. A foldable pet transport bag is easy to pack. It can be easily stacked in your travel gear. Use the side pockets for carrying collars, harness, snacks, toys, clothes, grooming, and other pet accessories. The cushioned pad interior is easy to remove and clean.


  • This stylish carrier is designed with the owner in mind, With several openings that zip easily, fold-able to save up space, Its flexible, lightweight & sturdy. Great visibility for your pet so you can keep an eye. DIMENSIONS 19 x 13 x 10 for medium-sized Cats/Puppy's
  • This Pet Carrier comes with a removable pad for comfort and easy cleaning. Storage space so you can treat your pet while on the go. Interior leash clip so you can clip your pet into his/her collar for more safeness. Adjustable shoulder strap so you can adjust to your perfect fit. This carrier is great for AIRLINE TRAVEL designed to fit under your seat.
  • Our millions of customers are very happy with this Soft-Sided Cat Carrier, here is what one customer had to say; "Got this carrier for my 10 lb. kitty and it was a perfect size. It feels sturdy when she's being carried. There are plenty of mesh windows to keep kitty cool and help alleviate anxiety. The color is beautiful. Folds and stores away easily."
  • As much as we love pets, we want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase. This puppy carrier comes with a ONE YEAR guarantee. So there is NO RISK on our pet carrier. If that is not what you wanted. We will exchange or refund you on your request
  • This carrier is a remarkable gift idea for anyone you know. They will be delighted, BUY IT TODAY for special offers.
  • 4 Steaks so you can take it outdoor and be sure your pet is save, stick it to the ground
  • Durable quality
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Attached floor
  • Reinforced corners & protected seams
  • Spacious interior gives your pet room to play
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