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Macaron Pet Carrier

Macaron Pet Carrier

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Petiques delectable Macaron Pet Carrier is the perfect way for your small pet to travel in style! It is airline approved with a durable, hard casing to create a spacious feeling for your pets to enjoy and feel secure. With plenty of ventilation and a clear window big enough for your pets to look outside and protect them from the sun, they will surely take delight in whatever adventure you take them on!

  • Plenty of ventilation to create optimal air flow
    • The holes on top of the carrier
    • The holes on the side of the carrier
    • The quality mesh window on the front of the carrier
  • High quality durable PU leather to create a soft and pearl effect
  • Clear peek-a-boo window for your pets to lookout and for you to look in to check on your pets
    • Big enough for you and your pets to see each other
    • Big enough to protect them from the sun directly shining on them
  • Completely collapsible " stores flat
  • Flexible yet sturdy
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two fashionable colors:
    • Rose
    • Mint

  • Distraction is the leading cause of car accidents and putting the seat belt over the Macaron Pet Carrier during car rides keeps your pets and everybody in the car safe
  • Relieves anxiety and stress if your pets are not used to traveling in cars
  • Pets who are unable to sit in one spot in the car
  • Pets who get car sick
  • Relieves anxiety and stress for your pets if they are not used to being outdoors
  • Supports small dogs, cats, and other animals under 25 LB
  • Pets who do not like or are unable to to walk long distance
  • Pets who's paws need protection because the ground is too hot or too cold
  • Pets who's parents love to take them out traveling, hiking, shopping, etc.
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Macaron Pet Carrier benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions
  • Spot Clean
  • Air Dry, do not leave under the sun to dry

  • Product Size: 15"L X 9"W X 15"H
  • Supports pets up to 25 LB
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