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Golden Waves Reversible Pet Bed

Golden Waves Reversible Pet Bed

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Petique's Golden Waves Pet Bed has a luxurious design to make your dogs and cats feel like they're on cloud nine. The Angel Hair Fiber stuffing is carefully selected to help the pillow remain fluffy after each use or wash. The soft and fluffiness of the beds help relieve anxiety and stress as they melt away in the comfort of our beds. Hand made with love and care, each panel is individually sewn together with suede and satin to deliver an elegant look.

Fun Fact: Medium size is made to fit in

  • Individually sewn suede and satin panels for an elegant look
  • Ultra soft fleece comfort cover
  • Elevated sides provides a place for your pets to securely snuggle in as well as a place to rest their heads
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Angel Hair Fiber - High quality stuffing used in luxury pillows for humans, which your pets also love to sleep on
  • Angel Hair Fiber stuffing is carefully selected to prevent the pillow from losing its fluff after each use or wash

  • For pets who's bed keeps going flat
  • For dogs, cats, and other animals
  • Pets who feel stressed or anxious, will snuggle between the sides and the pillow to feel more secure
  • Your pets will feel so comfortable in the bed, they wouldn't want to leave
  • For pets who do not like sharing, this bed will bring pets together. It's so comfortable, pets are willing to share the same bed
  • For pets to feel safe and calm
  • This bed will make your pets so happy, they will be sleeping on their back!
  • For pets who have a hard time sleeping
  • For pets in a new environment
  • For pets who are at a boarding facility and needs something that feels like home away from home
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Golden Waves Reversible Pet Bed benefits you and your pets
Care Instructions
  • Spot clean and air dry
  • Machine washable and tumble dry low in laundry bag
  • Do not bleach


Small :
Product Weight : 3 LB
Product Size: 23"L X 21"W X 5"H
Supports pets up to 20 LB

Medium :
Product Weight: 5.5 LB
Product Size: 32"L X 22"W X 7"H
Supports pets up to 50 LB

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