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Avo Doggo Puppy and Dog Toy

Avo Doggo Puppy and Dog Toy

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It’s not a Dog Party unless AVO DOGGO is in the Mix!


It’s made with 100% Cotton rope perfect for tug-of-war.

But Avo Doggo is cute enough that it guarantees to make tails wag full of joy.

Yes, it's the world's most CUTEST & yet TOUGHEST dog toy ever created.

Make it a FIESTA like there’s no Mañana when you bring AVO DOGGO to the party.


  • 100% Cotton Rope; Tough enough for tug-of-war playtime
  • Made with strong nylon fabric and triple stitched for durability.
  • Bright and Colorful
  • Playful Squeaker for Endless Fun
  • Instant Chewing Gratification that Eases anxiety
  • Suitable for Dogs of all Sizes
  • 10,000 Happy Pups in the US alone!

 No Avocados were harmed in the making of this toy….

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