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7" Lefty Blue Diamond 4 PC Grooming Set

7" Lefty Blue Diamond 4 PC Grooming Set

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A sleek silver 440C Shear with a bright blue diamond accent.

The true lefty blades give an ease to the left handed groomers.

  • Size: 7″
  • Thinners, Chunkers, Straights, Curves
  • True Lefty Set


-Clean Shears Daily (or between each groom): Clean with a soft cloth and alcohol to gently remove any product and hair.

-Oil shears weekly (Check shear lubrication every couple days): Simply open shears to a 90 degree to check the pivot point. If need, drop a small amount on the joint and move blades. Wipe away access.

-Store in a cool and low humid space. Keep in a safe space away from risk of falling or being hit against hard objects.

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